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Ref: 9798869057983
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Nothing is by chance addresses the most sensitive aspects of marriage, the upbringing of anon-biological child, the plots of profit and the thirst for power. The book is an example of the triumph of people with good intentions, and is also full of spiritual connections, which, at first, are not revealed.Following the trajectory of two women with dominant personalities, Marina and Maria Eugenia, the reader will be led to reflect on the importance of spiritual evolution, which can help explain the relationships they build throughout their lives.A barren mother, an unwanted child, a bond of pure and deep love, brought together in three similar stories, but with surprising outcomes. In this moving story, the matter of women seeking surrogate mothers to carry their children is addressed. Marina, already a law graduate, while looking for a job, meets Adele; a powerful woman and president of a company, who proposes to have a child with the husband of her sterile daughter, so that her grandson can take over her empire. Thus begin the changes in everyones life, and this plan, although motivated by ambition, brings in the surrogate womb a channel of union between the sterile mother and a child of heart.
  • Autor: Zibia Gasparetto
  • Coleção/Série: lucius
  • Data da Publicação: 2023-12-11T00:00:00
  • Edição: 1
  • Edição Ano: 2023
  • Formato: 18x26
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • ISBN: 9798869057983
  • Encadernação: Brochura
  • Número de páginas: 428
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