Poems and thoughts of a young priestess
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Poems and thoughts of a young priestess
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Poems and thoughts of a young priestess

Marca: EDITORIAL ITA SAS Referência: 9789585282308

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How does one see the meaning of life when it seems so catastrophic and empty? How does one return liveslost vivid colors when all seems so existentialistic? For all those people carrying big chains of grief, as well asfor the rebellious ones who decided to keep their hearts full of gratitude no matter what, and those whoappreciate life with the eyes of an art lover, poetry comes to hug them with huge comforting wings ofunderstanding and rejoice.Depicting unapologetic interest for rescuing the sacredness within her experiences while allowing herself todrown deeply in the beauty of nature, passions, and life itself as a woman, the author undresses herfeelings and thoughts with incredible sincerity. Sometimes celebrating the mystical elements of creation, attimes trying to capture the unfading beauty of certain intimate bonds with close people and authenticplaces, or by encouraging readers to move forward a healing process to awake their consciousness, thebook is an overwhelming invitation to transcend the boundaries of what is established as human and divineintegrating both dimensions.Whether if you are looking for that splendor somehow lost in your days and wish to reconcile with yourself,others and existence, or perhaps realized you are interested in witnessing a path of deconstruction andinner healing for you to find inspiration and finally decide to start with your own journey, or just simply feelenraptured by the enticing halo of spiritual poetry and new literature alternatives , Poems and thoughts ofa young priestess comes as a strong opportunity to fullfil those voids.

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  • Autor: Alejandra Rodríguez Peña
  • ISBN: 9789585282308
  • Edição: 1
  • Encadernação: Brochura
  • Número de páginas: 111
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Edição Ano: 2020
  • Data da Publicação: 2020-07-24T00:00:00

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